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plays a vital role in the food service industry

Not only does water quality determine the taste and quality of all beverages served, it also determines the operating efficiency and longevity of water-fed food service equipment. As important as premium water is to a food service establishment’s customers, so is the reduction in water related maintenance problems to the food service operator. Dish Washers, Booster Heaters, Steamers/Combi-ovens, Proofers, Ice Machines, Coffee, Tea, & Espresso Machines, etc., are all susceptible to water related problems caused by sediment, hard water (mineral scale deposits), chlorides, and chlorine/chloramines.

WaterSpecâ„¢ Filters address the water quality challenges food service operators constantly face by offering both Effective and Economical solutions for their water treatment needs.

Poor Water Quality

Decreases customer satisfaction.
  • What does a customer think when they are served poor tasting beverages or water that tastes like it came from a pool?
  • What does a customer think when their glassware and silverware is spotted?
  • What does the customer think when an item is not available due to equipment being serviced?
  • Most likely they are thinking they may not come back…….
Increases operating costs.

It is estimated that roughly 70% of service calls for water-fed foodservice equipment can be attributed to poor water quality. Mineral scale deposits are usually to blame for most service calls, especially in high-temp equipment like steamers and combi ovens.

Proper water filtration/treatment DECREASES operating costs and INCREASES customer satisfaction.