The main ingredient in a fountain beverage is water, so assuring consistent water quality is critical.  Removing chlorine and chloramine provides a better tasting carbonated beverages and reduces extra syrup normally added to the drink to mask the chlorine taste and odor.


High quality filtered water delivers:

  • A consistent high-quality, good tasting beverage.

  • Reduced syrup usage since excess syrup is not needed to mask chlorine taste.

  • Higher carbonation in beverages increasing effervescence eliminating  flat  drinks.


Chlorine and Chloramine Removal

Standard beverage systems combine roughly 4 parts of carbonated water to 1 part  syrup concentrate (bag in boxes) to form a carbonated beverage.  These traditional post mix systems usually only requires the removal of chlorine from the water supply.  In these applications use the BevSpec BTO filter cartridges for sediment and chlorine removal only. Newer beverage systems that use a much high percentage of carbonated water and a more concentrate syrup component often require the removal of chloramine as well as chlorine when present in the water supply.  In these applications, use BevSpec BTOC filter cartridges for sediment, chlorine and chloramine removal.


Sizing Guidelines

The following sizing guidelines are based on water flow requirements of soda equipment on average water pressure and water quality. Variations in water quality or pressure may reduce overall water flow especially as filters are in service for prolonged periods.


BevSpec filters provide excellent sediment filtration and chlorine/chloramine removal.  The gallon capacity ratings of the filters are based solely on chlorine and chloramine removal and not sediment removal.   Recommended filter change interval is 6 months.



BevSpec System: Item #: Service Flow Rate: Chlorine Removal: Chloramine Removal: Number of Carbonators: Conn Size: System Dimensions: Weight (lbs):
BS-TO20 Single 310021 2.00 GPM 15,000 1 3/8 4x15x4 5
BS-TOC20 Single 310022 2.00 GPM 15,000 6,000 gallons 1 3/8 4x21x4 5
BS-TO20 Twin 310023 4.00 GPM 30,000 2 1/2 15x19x5.5 9
BS-TOC20 Twin 310024 4.00 GPM 30,000 12,000 gallons 2 1/2 15x26x5.5 9
BS-TO20 Triple 310025 6.00 GPM 45,000 3 1/2 19x19x5 13
BS-TOC20 Triple 310026 6.00 GPM 45,000 18,000 gallons 3 1/2 19x26x5 13
BS-TO20 Quad 310027 8.00 GPM 60,000 4 1/2 23x19x5 16
BS-TOC20 Quad 310028 8.00 GPM 60,000 24,000 gallons 4 1/2 23x26x5 16

BTO 20 Single

BTO 20 Twin

BTO 20 Triple

BTO 20 Quad


Ninety-eight percent (98%) of a cup of coffee is composed of water, so the quality of your coffee is dependent on the quality of the water.  Chlorine ruins the taste of coffee. The presence of chlorine shortens pot life by accelerating coffee bitterness.  Scale build-up on heating elements prevents water temperatures necessary for proper flavor extraction.


Untreated water forms lime scale in the brewing equipment necessitating expensive descaling procedures, and/or shortening the life of the unit.


Providing high quality water produces the following benefits:

  • Brewing equipment maintenance is reduced & equipment life is prolonged.

  • Taste and aroma is enhanced with longer pot life.

  • Mineral scale build up is inhibited.

  • Increased profits from satisfied customers


Sizing Guidelines

The sizing guidelines are based on water flow requirements of coffee/tea equipment with average water pressure and water quality.  Variations in water quality or pressure may reduce water flow especially as filters are in service for prolonged periods.


BevSpec™ filters provide excellent sediment filtration, chlorine removal, and mineral scale control.  The gallon capacity ratings of the filters are based solely on chlorine removal and not sediment or mineral scale control.   Recommended filter change interval is 6 months.


BevSpec System: Item #: Service Flow Rate: Chlorine Removal: Single Pot Brewers: Med. Vol. Brewers: High Vol. Brewers: Conn Size: System Dimensions: Weight (lbs):
BS-TOS10 Single 310029 1.65 GPM 10,000 1-2 1 3/8 4x15x4 4
BS-TOS20 Single 310030 2.00 GPM 15,000 2-3 1 3/8 4x21x4 9
BS-TOS10 Twin 310031 3.30 GPM 30,000 3-4 2 1 1/2 15x19x5.5 7
BS-TOS20 Twin 310032 4.00 GPM 30,000 4 2-3 2 1/2 15x26x5.5 9


Espresso and Office Coffee Service – Only Use BTOS 10 Single Systems.  If water quality is very poor or demineralization is required for espresso equipment, reference the RO-175NE system under CookSpec systems.

BTOS 10 Single

BTOS 10 Twin

BTOS 16 Single

BTOS 16 Twin