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Roughly 70% of service calls on ice machines are water related. The most frequent water related problem associated with ice machines is lime scale accumulation. Effective water filtration solves the following:


  • Chlorine taste and odor is removed reducing potential corrosion issues.
  • Mineral scale build up responsible for increased maintenance is reduced.
  • Sediment that causes cloudy ice and plugs distribution tubes and float valves is removed.
  • Energy efficiency and machine life are increased while reducing costly service calls.


Sizing Guidelines

For correct system sizing, please refer to the water flow requirements of the ice machine. Water flow requirements will vary from one manufacturer to the next on the same sized machine. The following guidelines are based on average water pressure and water quality.  Variations in water quality or pressure may reduce overall water flow especially as filters are in service for prolonged periods.


IceSpec™ filters provide excellent sediment filtration, chlorine removal and mineral scale control. The gallon capacity ratings of the filters are based solely on chlorine removal and not scale control. Recommended filter change interval is 6 months based on the useful life of the scale control component.

IceSpec System: Item #: Service Flow Rate: Rated Capacity: Machine Size Cuber: Machine Size Flaker: Conn Size: System Dimensions: Ship Weight (lbs):
IS 10 Single 310010 1.65 GPM 10,000 <350lbs/day <1,000lbs/day 3/8 4x15x4 4
IS 16 Single 310011 2.00 GPM 15,000 <500lbs/day <1,500lbs/day 3/8 4x21x4 5
IS 10 Twin 310012 3.30 GPM 20,000 <800lbs/day <2,000lbs/day 1/2 15x19x5.5 7
IS 16 Twin 310013 4.00 GPM 30,000 <1,000lbs/day <2,500lbs/day 1/2 15x26x5.5 9
IS 10 Triple 310014 5.00 GPM 30,000 <1,300lbs/day <3,000lbs/day 1/2 19x19x5 10
IS 16 Triple 310015 6.00 GPM 45,000 <1,800lbs/day <3,500lbs/day 1/2 19x26x5 13
IS 10 Quad 310016 6.65 GPM 40,000 <2,000lbs/day 1/2 23x19x5 12
IS 16 Quad 310017 8.00 GPM 60,000 <2,400lbs/day 1/2 23x26x5 16

Bayonet Style Quick Disconnect cartridge makes filter replacement quick & easy.

Compact design facilitates system placement and installation.

Patented HydroBlend™ insert provides optimum scale prevention.

IS 10 Single

IS10 Single

IS 10 Twin

IS10 Twin

IS 16 Single

IS16 Single

IS 16 Triple

IS16 Triple